Jarez Music Foundation

Jarez Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help save, inspire, motivate, and give the opportunity for young kids to use music as a way to be creative by providing Musical Instruments, sheet music, music stands, chairs, and instrument accessories.

One of our main goal is to target intercity schools that are struggling to keep music programs alive in there school system, but with the help of donations we can all come together and SAVE MUSIC from being cut from so many schools around America.


Jarez Music Foundation was first established in 2012 by Smooth Jazz Recording Artist Jarel “Jarez” Posey, in which donated instruments are recycled and given at no charge to kids. Most instruments are in good working condition and we work hand and hand with schools to make sure that the donated instruments are in the hands of kids.


When school districts face economic crises, music programs are often the first items struck from budgets. In California, for instance, the number of music students has dropped from 124,000 to 64,000. Where music programs have been cut, however, economic crisis has often remained. Cuts in music budgets created the illusion of saving money, but the student previously in music groups were shifted to smaller classes. While a band or orchestra director may teach 75 students in a class period, other teachers generally have fewer. If instrumental music classes are cut, even more teachers will be needed to supervise the 75 students in other classes. The ultimate cost of cutting music department budgets is known as reverse economics and this principle is unfamiliar to most administrators.

Many cuts occur in the elementary grades because most programs for beginners pull students out of their regular class. Administrators know that if they cut an elementary school teacher, there is a classroom instructor able to teach the affected students. They do not understand that if elementary school music programs are eliminated or significantly changed, junior and senior high school music enrollment will drop by a minimum of 65%.

The most important issue is preserving musical opportunities for young kids because music helps shapes integrity, intelligence, and creativity. I know this because music made me the person I’ am today

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